Why Don’t I Trust Anyone?

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Trust is a part of life that needs to be built.

You need to be sure that others have your back. That you can rely on them to be there when you need them.

For some of us, trust can seem dangerous as you feel that people won’t fulfil their promises. This can leave you feeling disappointed that your needs won’t be met. This can pervade many areas of your life leading you to feel pressured and fearful going to work, meeting with friends or even just stepping outside your front door.

It’s Not Your Fault

The reason why you feel this way is not your fault. It stems from when someone let you down. Your brain has attached itself to feeling let down and hurt by others. Your automatic response to this is to feel that people will let you down, so you are not going to ask for help and everyone is a liar.

You’re probably thinking, why would I do that as not everyone is a liar, I am sure there are some good people out there. And you are right – but you have created this way of relating to others to make sure that you don’t feel hurt again.


These feelings are trying to protect you from feeling hurt and let down by others; essentially getting you out of a seemingly dangerous situation. Your brain has built a protective mechanism to keep you safe.  This is the same way it does when you touch something too hot and know not to touch it again.

I am sure it did a good job in the past but now that way of relating to others is a little outdated. Your feelings are holding you back from being truly happy.

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