Did you know that you can replace your bad habits with good ones?

Do you have a bad habit? Many of us do. But these habits are there for a reason, so you can instead replace that bad habit with a new one. This is entirely possible and when you do, you will be able to use your habit as a positive nudge in the right direction, rather than a distraction or crutch.

Bad habits are made to be broken – this doesn’t mean that it’s as easy as that but I want to explain why it is so difficult for many and how you can stick to new, positive habits.

Why are they there?

A habit can creep up on anyone when you’re in need of a distraction for example. 

The reason that old habit stick around and you can seem to shake them off however, if because they are easier than what you probably have to do instead, they are rewarding because you do it so often and successfully and they off course help you to feel calm and more secure.

These might sound like reasons that would deter you from breaking such habits, but even though they have become a stable part of your life, they can become outdated and distract you from moving forward in certain ways.

As time moves on habits become less relevant and can hold you back from creating new habits that are on point to what you want today.

Out with the old

Breaking these old habits is possible. What I have found is that you cannot simply break them, you need to replace them with something else – and this is where the new, positive habits come into action.

Once a habit is broken, you should fill that void with something else, otherwise you will find yourself slipping right back into your old ways.

In with the new

So, this is how it is done. What new habit would you like to start that can help you progress in what you want to do and make you happier? Take this new goal and put it in the place of when you would usually act on your old, bad habit.

The more you do this, the more you will find your old habit fade away, and it won’t even occur to you to use it as a crutch anymore.

In the end, instead of hiding, you will feel rewarded and excited to act on your new habit.

Habits can get a bad reputation, but they are only there to help you feel comforted and rewarded, so why not use that feeling for the better, rather than using it is a block.

Leading on from this, in another article I go into more detail on creating these new habits.

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