Clinical Depression Vs Depressive state

Depression is a state that many talk about but there are many different types of depression. This week I want to talk about the difference between depressive state and clinical depression – therapy in London

You have probably thrown around the phrase or have heard many people say that they’re feeling depressed. Depression can often be a very broad term. I, however, like to see depression as two different forms.

There can be a depressive state or clinical depression – and the two are very different from each other.


Depressive State

A depressive state is a form of depression that can affect you for one specific reason or experience. This can be anything from having to meet new people, to preparing for a speech or presentation.

Clinical Depression

Clinical depression is a very different form of depression. In this state you might feel generally lost in life; not knowing what to do with yourself day to day and this can stop you from doing or even trying to do anything as minuscule as popping to shops.

Overall, no matter what kind of depression you are dealing with, it all stems from the unknown and not knowing how to use these difficult emotions for the better.

Open The Door

Imagine someone having to give you an important message, they are constantly knocking on your door, but you decide to not answer it. You leave them to keep knocking and eventually they will become frustrated that they cannot give you the message.

When you feel any kind of difficult emotions such as nerves or stress, and you push it to the back of your mind, these emotions will build up and get worse because they have been ignored. This is what develops into your depression.

Push Away Negative Emotions

In today’s society, many will tell you that it’s best to push your negative emotions aside and just be happy. The problem with this is that pushing them to one side can cause the aforementioned snowball effect – i.e depression.

So, acknowledge your depression and address it. This is the first step to using all your emotions, whether they be good or bad, for the better. Once you are able to do this you will be able to live a much more emotionally stable lifestyle.

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