Coronavirus and Your Mental Health

As the coronavirus has developed into a pandemic, this has required us as a planet to protect ourselves and others by staying indoors and staying at home. Many of you are likely feeling a lot of disruption; physically, cognitively and emotionally.

It can cause a lot of confusion as you have been told to press pause on your life and to stay home to stay safe. So, your usual routine is non-existent as your normal daily habits are obsolete. i.e. your morning alarm, followed by a shower, dressed then coffee and breakfast.

This is all, of course, to rid us of the coronavirus, and this means not even attempting to find loopholes in the rules, this will simply cause a lockdown to never end! So, visiting your holiday home or chatting with your friend outside their house will only cause further disruption and exacerbation.

So, be safe, stay home, stay strong and look after your mental health.

This is why I want to encourage talking therapy more than ever when you might feel like you have nowhere to go or no one to really talk to. There are several reasons why this is so fundamental: 

Uncover what you want

Everyone wants something more for their lives (besides the end of social distancing) that you are able to voice out and plan for. This is the perfect time to vocally flesh out what you want for yourself and what you might not really have had time for before.

Formalise your needs

In therapy, you can create pathways to actualise what you want. It can create a new form of structure in your life which is vital when you might feel very limited and suppressed.

Time and space

You might feel like you have all the time in the world to do whatever you want at the moment. But since you have been at home have you felt as if the days and weeks have almost melted away and melded into a blur of meals, chores and one exercise a day?

Therapy creates all too important set-time to zero in on your thoughts and feelings. Things can feel far less irregular when you have this designated space just for you.

Things are different, but…

You can create something of yourself even when you feel stuck. Sometimes different can be the best opportunity to improve on and best your circumstances. With all this time that many of you have, why not embrace it?

Therapy can be an ideal opportunity to talk through your goals, trials and tribulations to create a fresh path for yourself. 

This is why I want to offer therapy online (via Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Whatsapp, Facetime ) and also telephone sessions.

You may just need to have someone check-in, but also for you to check in to yourself regularly. We are in an unpredictable situation, but let’s take the wheel again and make sure we know what is driving us forward.

Let’s not let Coronavirus take over our lives.

Take care, stay safe and stay at home


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