The Key To Control Anger

control anger

In this week’s blog, I want to share with you 5 steps to help you to start to control anger.


Step 1. Know the motive of anger

Anger is trying to help you to sort out your life or solve a problem to get things done.  

Step 2. Stop seeing anger as unhelpful

You may have always been told to run from anger and that it is a bad emotion that gets you nowhere.

But by realising the motive for your anger it will allow you to see it in a different light.

Not fully listening to it to understand the anger can make it seem scary.

Step 3. Learn to sit with anger

Now, this might seem easier said than done as you haven’t learnt to sit with it. You have only learnt to suppress anger or shout and scream in an angry rage.  

However, if you can learn to sit with the anger it can stop you from being consumed by it.

Step 4  Understand and formulate

By using the above steps you can be able to see anger in a different light even though it’s an emotion that can feel hard to use, but with time It can help you understand what to do.

Step 5. Sort the parts of your life that you feel angry about.

It’s not about shouting at someone, but rather expressing yourself in a calm, controlled way.

For example, rather than shouting, instead expressing that you feel angry about the situation. And how can you both ensure that this doesn’t happen again?

If you are not careful anger can be a self-validating, spontaneous and unstoppable force that can impact many other parts of your life and the people around you.

So, rather than pushing it down and letting it explode, start relating to your anger in a more positive way to work out what’s wrong and make changes to help you to live a happier life.


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