This is how gaming can be a useful skill!

For the past few weeks, I have been going through the ins and outs of playing video games.

Now so far I have mentioned the negative impact that playing incessant video games can have on your day to day life, but this time I want to share the positive attributes of playing. And yes there are some… 

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Do you trust yourself? You should – and here’s how

Trust is a key part of not only having confidence but also general success and being happy. If you don’t have trust in yourself and in others, it can be pretty difficult to find success.

If you want to start gaining more trust, then I would like to offer my three steps to doing so.

As part of my series on confidence, the last part of this is trusting yourself.

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Want more self-esteem? Use this (very easy) technique

Self esteem and confidence go hand-in-hand, so I would like to offer a very simple technique to improve on both.

The foundations of confidence is having the self esteem to know that you are good enough to try anything and that others’ opinion is just that, an opinion that you can overrule.

Without this self-esteem, it can make it much harder to bounce back and actually try something new when you are criticised or even questioned.

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Gain Confidence in Yourself!

I hear a lot of people say very matter of factly that they’re ‘not a very confident person’ – meaning you are identifying as an unconfident person.

Confidence is something that you can grow and develop. It shouldn’t be your identity.

Confidence gives you the ability to try new things and ultimately get what you want. So, without confidence you will find yourself unable to move forward in life. You can find yourself stuck with a fear of the unknown.

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This is what your dreams actually mean

I’ve had quite a few people in the past comment on trying to understand nightmares and what their dreams mean.

What they also ask about it how to stop these dreams, but as it isn’t as simple as stopping those dreams, I’m going to explain what your dreams actually mean and why you show use them to your advantage in your real life.

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