Are you Agitated? Use it for the Better!

Have you felt agitated by something? Or course you have, who hasn’t. I want to share with you how you can use your agitation to aid your, life and resolve the issues you may be facing.

Feeling agitated is naturally associated with being a bad feeling. And that agitation can get in the way of feeling good.

Actually, that feeling is very important – it is there to tell you what is wrong! Think of it as passing a warning sign; when you pass it, you know to be wary and to change your direction.

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Five Reasons to Tell the Truth

You must have heard many times that you shouldn’t lie, but on the opposite scale to that, have you considered why you should tell the truth? I want to offer my five reasons why being truthful can be beneficial to your life.


Being responsible means being reliant on yourself and, importantly, you must trust yourself too. With trust in yourself comes the ability to take on further responsibility and complete things with much success.

And this is how you should be truthful; to yourself. Ask yourself, what are your skills? Where do your passions lie? And what do you want out of life?

By being honest with yourself you are able to succeed with confidence and the openness to grow in your skillset.

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Making the Same Mistakes Repeatedly? Here’s Why

Are you finding yourself in a bit of a circle? Making mistakes and not learning from them, but instead, repeating them over and over again?

This is a very common problem, there is a reason for it and there is a way to stop you continuing down this ever long spiral.

Reason one is hope

It’s not a bad thing to be hopeful, but in this instance, you are repeating yourself because you feel that at some point it will eventually all work out.

Keep the hope that things will work out, but adjust your actions depending on what went wrong, if you keep the faith with a more open mind, you are far more likely to succeed.

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Here’s How You Can Make More Time!

Time is precious for many. Especially with busy lives, trying to meet others’ expectations and finding the chance to save some time for yourself.

Some things are just too important to put to the wayside though, but it’s easier said than done to make sure you do them. So here are my 5 ways you can create more time to do the more important things in life.

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Why Are You Acting Different?

Most of you have been in a situation where you find yourself acting differently around certain people – so do you have multiple personalities? It’s more common than you think and I’m going to go through the reasons why you do this.

You probably get frustrated with yourself when you end up being someone different to your usual self; you probably feel disingenuous and unauthentic.

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Here’s How You Can be Consistent

If you want to be successful at anything, you’ll firstly need to be consistent in your actions. I want to explain how you can do this and what I mean by that.

Consistency might seem easy, but most of the time, aren’t you just being consistent in what’s easy, rather than what you really want to do?

There are some steps you can take to make sure that your consistency is focused in the right direction:

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