How Video Games Helped Me

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As I have been discussing video games for a while now, you’re probably thinking, ‘what makes you eligible to talk about this?’ Well, my past strongly involved video games too.

It was a large part of my life and even though there came a point where I decided to stop, I still learned a lot from that era of my life. 

This is where I want to share how video games helped me.

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Why I Had to Give up Video Games

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As I have mentioned in a few other posts, I wanted to start a discussion about video games because it is a hobby that I know too well. 

Arcades were a huge part of my life for years, and I had to make a decision at one point to either embrace the hold it had on me and sacrifice other areas of my life or, take a step back and enhance the skills I’d already developed in the arcades to better myself within the real world.

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Do you trust yourself? You should – and here’s how

Trust is a key part of not only having confidence but also general success and being happy. If you don’t have trust in yourself and in others, it can be pretty difficult to find success.

If you want to start gaining more trust, then I would like to offer my three steps to doing so.

As part of my series on confidence, the last part of this is trusting yourself.

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Want more self-esteem? Use this (very easy) technique

Self esteem and confidence go hand-in-hand, so I would like to offer a very simple technique to improve on both.

The foundations of confidence is having the self esteem to know that you are good enough to try anything and that others’ opinion is just that, an opinion that you can overrule.

Without this self-esteem, it can make it much harder to bounce back and actually try something new when you are criticised or even questioned.

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