Candy Crush Vs 2048: What makes them so addictive?

While doing my research on the candy crush phenomena I noticed that there were many entries on a new game, some heralding it as ‘The New Candy Crush Saga’. As I deleted candy crush I thought I would see what the fuss was about with this new game, and to see whether people will be ditching their old habit for this ‘newer model’ and if it will last.

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Candy Crush Addiction

While traveling on the tube to work I noticed the amount of people playing a puzzle game on their phone. Maybe 7 or 8 people all playing the same game, matching coloured gems together. Very odd I think, until I tell a friend and she says ‘Oh that’s candy crush’.

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What Makes Social Media so Addictive?

I have introduced the topic of Social Media; but why is it so much more compelling than real life interactions for many of us?

On one hand social media is a positive, cost effective way that many of us keep in contact with friends and family all over the world. Here’s my thoughts on the negative impact social media has on us and on our society.

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Social media : “Like real life but better” Introduction

The way social media has established itself in our lives is remarkable.
The gestation from solitary profile websites such as ‘Facepic’ and ‘Myspace’, in the early 2000’s is a new type of social media. This new type of social media is advocated by Facebook and Twitter. Changing the landscape of not just social media but  i our usage of technology and the internet in general.

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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) : Day 3

As I wake up the first thing I do is open my laptop and check my emails.  So, it seems I have replaced the checking my phone and social media with Emails.

Thinking about it now the last thing I did before I went to sleep was check my emails. What was I looking for? Its almost as if it is not the content of the emails I am interested in but I am looking for some kind of connection with the outside world.

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Am i addicted to my phone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) :Day 2

I wake up on day two and instinctively look over to the bedside table to see what’s happening in the world. I pick up the phone but notice its shape is slightly different, only to remember in that moment the task which is before me and that I was in fact holding my partners phone and not mine.

The pang of adrenaline comes back and subsides. By now I am getting rather frustrated.

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Am i addicted to my smartphone? 3 Days of Peace (No phone) : Day 1

smartphones - therapy in London

In my last blog entry, I mention that I will be doing some heuristic research into my own relationship to my mobile phone and social media. I must say that I tried every trick in the book to put off partaking in this particular exercise. Excuses such as ‘too busy’ or, ‘people may need to get in contact with me’ were permeating through my mind. It was nerve-wracking to say the least but a week ago I partook in the activity, Saturday to Monday no social media or mobile phone (including other people’s at all, however, I could use landlines and emails from home.

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An Introduction : In what way does technology affect our lives?

affext of technology- Therapy in london

Technology is a huge and for many, integral part of our lives. Many of us use technology and the internet in both our work lives (Emailing and researching), pleasure (gaming, watching movies), socialising (social media), even in looking for love (dating websites and apps), That’s without going into the more underground aspects of the use of technology (gambling,  pornography).

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