Don’t Just Break Your Old Habits, Create New Ones

I’ve been blogging for a while now about breaking old, bad habits, but the real way to do this is to create new, positive habits that can aid your life.

Many of you want to break a bad habit, but it is very time consuming to commit the time to do this.

The best way however, and by using the time productively, is to create a new habit instead.

This is how you can create these habits for rid yourself of the bad ones for good.

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Did you know that you can replace your bad habits with good ones?

Bad habits are made to be broken – this doesn’t mean that it’s as easy as that but I want to explain why it is so difficult for many and how you can stick to new, positive habits.

Why are they there?

A habit can creep up on anyone when you’re in need of a distraction for example. 

The reason that old habit stick around and you can seem to shake them off however, if because they are easier than what you probably have to do instead, they are rewarding because you do it so often and successfully and they off course help you to feel calm and more secure.

These might sound like reasons that would deter you from breaking such habits, but even though they have become a stable part of your life, they can become outdated and distract you from moving forward in certain ways.

As time moves on habits become less relevant and can hold you back from creating new habits that are on point to what you want today.

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This is How to Change Your Habits

Do you have a habit that you would like to kick? Many of us do, but you might not know that some of these habits can actually fuel you to living a much more rewarding life. 

This might sound impossible, but I am going to share five steps that you can take to stopping your bad habits, and creating new ones to do nothing but help you.

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Why Are You Attracting Toxic People?

I recently had someone reach out who was questioning why they seemed to constantly get involved with toxic people.

They commented that they always seemed to be around these types of people, even though they will cause this person a lot of anxiety. 

This is more common that you may think and so, I want to make this simple with my four reasons why you do this. 

With these four reasons, you should come to an understanding as to why you find yourself around toxic people, and how to stop attracting them.

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Are you Prioritising Yourself?

Prioritisation is a common problem you likely have on a regular basis. Where do you start? And what do you even start with?

It is very important to prioritise your life and I want to explain why you should be doing this and what aspects of your life you should consider putting in line.

Previously I have spoken about creating time, but this steers back to prioritisation again, so here is how to get through your day in the most constructive way.

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You Can Get Inspired! And Here’s How

Do you always feel a lack of inspiration? Or maybe that feeling inspired is completely unobtainable?

This can happen to many but you do have a surprising amount of power over this. It isn’t simply a case of inspiration striking like a bolt of lighting.

I want to share how this is the case and how you can get yourself into that inspired mindset.

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Did you know that making mistakes is a good thing?

Previously I have discussed that when you make mistakes you can learn from them. This is something that many do find difficult to overcome however. 

It can be a scary thing accepting that you will make a mistake if you try something new, daring or even something you’re scared of. But take a look at my previous post to find out how you can overcome that fear.

In the meantime, I want to share my 5 reasons why you might not want to do something from fear of making a mistake.

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Here’s How You Can Learn From Your Mistakes!

Everyone makes mistakes, but how many of us actually learn from them? 

This is more than possible and I want to share with you five steps that you can take to help you learn from your mistakes. And once you do this you can avoid making the same ones.

It’s natural to feel scared of making a mistake, so you tend to avoid trying to make them, but mistakes are a part of life that can, most of the time, help rather than hinder your life.

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