How To Beat Depression

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Over the last few weeks I have been discussing the differences between anxiety and depression – so make sure you check out my YouTube playlist to help you to get some extra help if you are suffering with this.


Step one, is to banish depression from your life and stop seeing depression as something you can’t control.

You may get told to ‘snap out of it’ and stop being depressed, but depression is always trying to send a message, help you gain power and control your own life.


Step two is listening to the message, and understanding what is underneath the depression.

As I have discussed, depression comes up because you have not listened to the feelings trying to motivate you.

This, in turn, has left you feeling stunted and trapped, as if nothing you do will make a difference and has lead to you feeling depressed.

So what you need to begin with is to think back to a time before the depression – what was it that you want to achieve?

For example, did you want to look fitter? Get a new job?

Associated Feelings

Then, what feelings were associated with starting that goal?

Anxiety? Fear? Frustration?

These are the feelings that depression is trying to protect you from.

Now that you have more control over your emotions, and have a better understanding of what the depression is hiding 

Step three is to think about what it would feel like to accomplish those goals.

Say you got your dream job or lost some weight. How would you feel – proud, confident or successful?


Step four is to connect with those new, empowering feelings when thinking about achieving your goals.

The only difference between the depressed you and the you that you want to be, is that you connect more so to those bad emotions, making you feel powerless and depressed.

Instead, if you connect to the more empowering feelings such as pride, success and confidence, you will have the choice and what it takes to get the job done – not feeling so disempowered.


The last step is to start right now.

Use the steps above to realise you have what it takes to do whatever it is you want to do, and begin the new road to a more confident, happier you.

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