Are you Prioritising Yourself?

Prioritisation is a common problem you likely have on a regular basis. Where do you start? And what do you even start with?

It is very important to prioritise your life and I want to explain why you should be doing this and what aspects of your life you should consider putting in line.

Previously I have spoken about creating time, but this steers back to prioritisation again, so here is how to get through your day in the most constructive way.


If you prioritise each of your tasks, you are able to create a more positive mindset to do what you need to do to the best of your ability. This is because when you prioritise something, you know it is important and you are far more likely to succeed at it!


Being constructive also means getting things done faster! This is simply because with more order comes a tidier mind and a more productive you!

You also find that you have spent less time finding the time to do what you need to and so saving yourself a considerable amount of planning hours.


It’s clear that a messy life equates to a messy mind, and with that can come a considerate amount of stress. 

So, prioritise your tasks, take the time out to do each one at a time. You will feel the stress relieve itself as you haven’t had to think about all of your tasks at the same time and with no plan to tackle them.

Productivity and creativity

With all of what I have previously mentioned, including creating more time for your duties, you will find that you are able to be a lot more productive.

And whilst you are productive, this frees up the mental space to get creative with what you are doing, think outside the box and go beyond your own expectations of your abilities.


Some work or tasks can be tedious, but believe me if you have created the space and prioritise certain jobs, you’ll find them a lot more enjoyable!

Not only will you enjoy yourself a bit more, but you will also get things done a lot faster than you expected. After all, time flies when you’re having fun.

Others’ expectations

Someone who prioritises their life will come across far more trustworthy and respected by others.

This is because you will be seen as someone who will take things seriously when you are asked to do something and you will complete the job at hand.

Your own expectations

This all creates a path for you to be more self-reliant and build a strong sense of self.

When you are ticking each of those tasks off your list and feeling great about it, you’ll find much more confidence in yourself.

All of this is not only placing the task or job as a priority, but also yourself. 

You are making the time to do something that is important to you and therefore you are more likely not only get your tasks done but also do it to the best of your ability, whilst also allowing for fun and to build your self-esteem.

So remember to start making yourself a priority.


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