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Did You Know Anxiety is Helping You?

Anxiety is a motivator, it is the feeling that is there to drive you forward and push you to either remove yourself from a situation or resolve something that is causing you anxiety.

A popular action however is to run from it – bury your head in the sand – and by doing this, anxiety isn’t doing it’s job and will yell louder and louder for your attention until it can become unbearable.

This is How to Take Control of Your Anxiety

The problem is that people will tell you to move away from anxiety but in that case all you are doing is ignoring the warning that your mind is giving you.
This is the reason anxiety is linked to depression – not because they are one and the same – but because if you have never been taught how to use anxiety to help guide you through life, you can feel powerless not knowing what to do with that feeling other than bury it.

How to help a friend with their mental health issues

Talking about mental health can be anxiety provoking. Especially when someone else’s mental health is in question. You might feel like you should be there for them, but don’t know where to start or how to approach the subject.