Anxiety vs Depression

anxiety vs depression therapy in london

Many people ask for help with anxiety and depression. You might not realise however that these are two very different feelings which get grouped together.

You may think there’s no problem with that – as you need help. But imagine your leg had been sprained, but the doctor’s treated your leg as if it was broken.

They’re two very different diagnoses with two very different treatments, and your mental health is exactly the same.

So, over the next few weeks, I want to offer techniques to deal with and beat, both anxiety and depression.

Before this, I want to break down the main difference between anxiety and depression.


When do you usually feel anxious? It’s usually when there is something important that you have to do – like a test, a date or a job interview.

Anxiety is there to give you energy and motivation. It helps to encourage the best in you and accomplish a task.


On the other hand, depression is a feeling that stops you from believing anything good will ever happen to you.

The Winnie the Pooh character Eeyore comes to mind, who always sees the worst of things and never wants to try anything new.

The reason you feel depressed is that repeatedly, feelings come up such as anger, frustration or even anxiety that you haven’t felt able to manage or deal with.

So, you push those feelings down and just hope they go away.

Stop Suppressing Emotions

Pushing your hard-to-deal-with feelings down stops you from listening to the message and acting on it. This can make you feel out of control, powerless and like nothing you try will ever work.

And this isn’t your fault. You have never been taught how to deal with these difficult feelings.

Yet, if you don’t act on them, they will always be there, and life feels more difficult, even if things are going well for you.

Start listening to those feelings and use that message to accomplish your dreams and live a happier life.

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