The Reason Why You Always Give Up

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In this week’s blog I am going to explain the top five reasons why you give up, so that you can learn how to keep going and moving forward with your goals.

Planning and Dreaming

The first reason you give up is that you may be more comfortable with planning and dreaming rather than trying.

Dreaming is comfortable and it’s easy. You don’t have to take risks or feel bad for failing.

The hard part is actioning your plans, taking a risk, failing a few times but picking yourself up to find a way that works.

First of all, you need to get out of the mind frame of dreaming and start doing.


The second reason you find it difficult to stick to anything is that what you want is not yet built into your life.

You know you want to be rich and successful, but you are so busy living that you have not prioritised the time to work towards your dream.

In order to change that you need to start prioritising your goals rather than, for example, watching TV or socialising.

Mundane Tasks

The next reason is that you can get bored of doing those mundane, day to day tasks.

You like dreaming about living your perfect life but sometimes you are going to have to do the boring stuff before you can live the exciting life of your dreams.

For example, I love filming YouTube videos but I hated preparing them as I found it so difficult to do.

However the more I did them the better I got and now I enjoy writing them – they make my recording time shorter and my videos easier and more enjoyable to do.


The fourth reason is that you might feel that it takes too long.

It’s exciting to start something and to finish, but it’s the bit in the middle that’s difficult and boring.

The problem is that you’re focusing too much on the endpoint. Focus instead on living in the moment and enjoying the here and now, so that you don’t get bored or frustrated that you have not reached your dream life yet.

Goal Setting

Reason five is that you are not setting realistic goals. This is a common problem many people have.

You may want to win at life, achieve greatness and live your dreams, but it isn’t going to take a couple of days or weeks.

And you probably won’t get it right the first, second or even the 10th time.

Setting unrealistic goals leaves you feeling sad, angry and frustrated; whilst making it more likely to give up. Instead, understand that it will take some time, and then simply embrace the present and get to enjoy the day to day.

These are the main reasons that people find it hard to achieve their goals and end up giving up.

Work out which one of these you connect to and start making the changes you need to begin achieving, rather than simply hoping and dreaming about being successful.

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