Adapt and Learn

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This week I want to explain how embracing the mindset of being reflexive and adapting to those reflections will help you to become successful.

This is part 3 of my success series, so make sure you check out the rest to help you to make the best next steps to your successful life.

Keep Pushing

Something that I hear all the time is that you have to be controlled and centred to keep on pushing and be successful – and I agree with that remark.

However, just like the famous Einstein saying regarding insanity, something that I see time and time again is people that keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results.

In fact, by doing this you are actually going backwards, as you could be using that time in a far more productive way.


If you read my blogs or watch my videos, you should know by now there is nothing wrong with getting something wrong or failing. But it’s all about using failure to learn what ways don’t work for you so that you can find a way that does.

This is why it is so important to keep on adapting in order to be successful, as what you are trying to do might not be the problem. You just haven’t found the right solution yet.


In order to change you need to get used to asking yourself how you could improve. This technique can be used for anything; from business meetings, homework, meeting friends – it’s all about critiquing what works and what doesn’t.


This mindset has helped me to succeed in many different parts of my life such as my business, connecting with friends, clients, and family in a more productive, emotional and heartfelt way.

If you look at my earlier videos, you will see just how much changing I had to do – as quite frankly they were terrible.

You must keep adapting and learning to get better at anything so that you know the best way to tackle any given situation.

And knowing this will give you the confidence and what it takes to learn from any situation and thrive.


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