About Therapy in London

Therapy in London was established to create a therapeutic space where clients can engage with their issues and see fast results, but without pressure or a feeling of inadequacy. A counsellor is there to guide and encourage positive change. And that is what we see time and time again in our clients.

It is not enough to just try and fix problems in the short term. We must look to challenge your inner dialogue. This comes down to changing how you think, act and feel about not just parts of yourself but also your life as a whole.

Therapy in London provides a safe space to re-evaluate long-standing, negative thought patterns. This essentially means taking your issues, helping you to see them in a different light and with a new understanding, and then creating new, positive (realistic) steps to reach your goals.

Our offices are a comfortable, confidential and, most importantly, safe space to bring an understanding to how you act in the world and what has led you to this point in your life.

Therapy is not all about technique. What we have found most beneficial is being wholly present with clients and real change comes from the strong therapeutic relationship established. This means empathy, full engagement and a wholly non-judgmental space.

When seeing clients in my career, I have always wanted to gauge as much understanding as possible about why we do what we do. Once I studied Psychotherapy, I wanted to dig deeper into Psychology too.

By taking into consideration both the theory of the mind and also the science and wiring of how we think, I could fully help clients to see their own habits, understand them, relate to them and rewire them to create real change and success.


When establishing Therapy in London, my number one objective was to place your needs within the therapeutic space at the forefront of my attention. Whether that be ‘I just want to be happy’ to a more specific and personal goal, we can start discussing ways in which you would rather live; being authentic and congruent with yourself, others and in life generally.


I aim then, to bring a level of understanding to your life which you were not wholly conscious of before. 

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