3 Steps You NEED to Succeed

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How often do you find that you have a plan for success but something keeps stopping you from achieving it?

In order to achieve your goals you need to begin to reprogram the way that you see sticking to your plan for success.

See it as exciting instead of it seeming overwhelming, hard work and scary.


Have Fun

Step 1 is to start seeing life like a game. In a board game you roll the dice, move your piece and think nothing of it.

Yet imagine not being able to summon the strength to move the piece in case you get something wrong, or land on a bad square.

Just thinking about it makes me feel frustrated, sad and annoyed.

The reason why it is so much easier to move in a game, rather than real life, is that the consequence of making a mistake, getting it wrong and being judged isn’t there.

If we start seeing life as a game then you won’t be scared of getting something wrong as we know that you can learn from your mistakes and try again.


Stop Fearing Failure

This leads to the next step which is to stop fearing failure.

Now, this is something I talk about a lot but it is such a powerful thing that it can stop you trying anything.

Yet if you can see failure as just a necessary step for success then you won’t feel so scared to try and fail.

Start Right Now!

And the last step is to start right now!

You may want to try but your brain automatically tells you all the reasons why you shouldn’t in order to protect your ego.

And by the time that has happened you have lost momentum and confidence to try.

This behaviour has kept you safe from feeling judged and like a failure, but the detriment of it is that it stops you from taking risks, leaving you stifled and bored.

The key to success is to take the stress out of trying and failing. Start your journey to happiness and success right now and that is what I want to leave you with this week.


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