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My name is Philip, I am a professionally trained and BACP registered psychotherapist counsellor and psychologist providing therapy in London I offer both short and long term, confidential therapy.

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I have been working with Phil at Therapy in London for over a year for coaching. Phil has provided an excellent service in that time. I have made steady progress with my personal and professional development, which is in no small part due to Phil’s patience and flexibility using different coaching styles and different (integrated) therapeutic approaches, in a safe and comfortable environment. I highly recommend his services to anyone looking for an effective business coach or therapist.

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During my time spent with Philip I found his help invaluable. His style is very relaxed and 'current'. Speaking to Philip on a weekly basis was like chatting to a good friend in a pub, but a friend that listens intently and is able to give perspective to your own thoughts. Throughout my sessions I never felt like I was pressured into continuing for the sake of it, and only when we both agreed that the time had come to cease was that option exercised. The door has been left open should I wish to continue in the future. Thanks for all your support and advice, your guidance has helped me feel positive about the future, and given me a place of solace during turbulent times. I wish you all the best.

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I was very sceptical to begin with, as i’d never had therapy before. Philip provides a completely non judgemental environment where i could relax and be completely open. He has helped me manage, control and understand my emotions much better. Would highly recommend to anyone seeking help!

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I’ve been going to Philip for almost 6 months now and couldn’t recommend him enough. He instantly made me feel comfortable and put me at ease as soon as I walked through the door. Philip has helped me tremendously with both my professional and personal life. He’s given me small assignments to do between sessions which has really helped me moving forward, he’s even lent me some of his own books that he thought would help me. I look forward to growing more as a person, with Philips help!

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I cannot recommend Philip enough. I initially contacted Philip expecting a quick fix to help me navigate a tough period in my life. He not only helped me identify and overcome that initial problem, but I have come to understand and explore more areas of my life which were hindering me and through working with Philip, I am able to implement lasting change which has changed my life for the better. Philip provides a friendly, safe and non-judgemental space unlike any other. After being sceptical of therapy and seeking a quick fix, two years later I still see Philip to maintain my general wellbeing and to continue to better myself without feeling pressured to stay. Philip offers no ‘quick fix’ solutions, only hard work, understanding and dedication to his clients.

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What can I say about Phillip. I met him on the hardest time of my life. A time I was dealing with so much. Heartbreak, grief and much more personal problems. He was attentive since day one. Helped learn so much about myself, while he was clearing my brain with all the tangled thoughts I had my whole life. I saw him for the best part of three years and let me tell you the person that walked in has nothing to do with the person that walked out of his therapy room three years later. He équiped me with all the tools I needed to be a healthy and independent person on my own. He never pressured him to stay with him. He was actually the one that made me question if I’m ready to go in life alone. He is not in it for the money. He was there to help and help he did. Seriously if you are looking for therapy look no further. He is a respectful man with a heart of gold that helped me in the darkest hours of my life. Also extremely interesting to talk to. If you are thinking about therapy let this be your sign.

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quickly move on. Phil not only helped me addressed the issue, but helped me tackle the bigger problems in my life that had lead me to that point. Our sessions expanded into a much broader look at my overall well-being and as a result I feel like a much happier and content version of myself. Phil has he a very practical approach, he gives exercises that help you keep a clear mindset in between sessions. Phil offers insights into human behaviour which really helped me understand that most of our day to day problems are commonplace and reactionary. I trust Phil, he is nonjudgmental and empathetic and I honestly feel like he cares about his clients and their wellbeing. I would highly recommend Phil if you are willing to dedicate the time to work on yourself. The best thing about Phil is his warm demeanour, even from the first session completely puts you as ease and you feel like you are speaking with a old friend.

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Philip helped me tremendously through a really tough period in my life. He helped me deal with both my anxiety and depression in small manageable ways that made that made sense to me. He taught me techniques and processes to deal with any problem I faced that I would normally really struggle with. I can't recommend Philip enough to anyone that is seeking help.

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person I'm meant to me. After each of my visits I could feel myself becoming a stronger more grounded person. He gave me the tools to self help when little blips appeared before they could manifest themselves into bigger, negative thoughts and feelings. He has been an enormous help on my forward Journey and I highly recommend him

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Philip Karahassan, MSc PGDIP BA Registered MBACP


You likely live in a way that is comfortable, but sometimes that ‘comfort’ can be detrimental to your happiness. This originates from years of past experiences which may have been helpful growing up, but are now outdated.

These outdated models can lead to feeling disconnected, confused, anxious and depressed. You may think ‘I used to be happy and nothing’s changed, so maybe it’s my fault?’

Counselling helps by uncovering the models established throughout your life so that you can start to assess if these ways of living are helping you live in the present. We can then start to look at new ways to live which are more congruent with who we are now, rather than who you were years ago.

Therapy can help to relinquish issues in your life by getting to know your underlying thoughts and feelings. Promoting lasting change, resilience and a happier, more content life ahead.

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